Things took a turn for me at the age of 25 and I figured that if I published this little diary of mine, maybe someone else can learn a thing or two.  Whether it be about cancer, self-awareness or real life experiences, this has been a platform for my healing and I trust it could do the same for others.

My name is Lareina and home to me is a unique blend of Singapore, the Philippines and now, Australia. Upon completing my studies mid-2016, a job offer led to an unexpected diagnosis. It took me away from my own graduation. But more importantly, it took me away from my own self. Nothing prepares your family and friends for something like this but it is what it is.

I sure hope that a humbling experience such as mine could potentially teach, move and help others in any way possible. My love goes out each and every day to those who have been affected by f%&**#@ cancer.