Why Self-love?

I grew up with a lot of love around me and because of that, I knew what I brought to the table. Feeling contented in life and comfortable in my own skin was second nature.

Well, all of that got thrown out the window didn’t it?

When it was time to deal with the annoying limitations of my treatment, all that made me the person I was had disappeared. I felt completely wiped off! Non-existent and unworthy of anything. Except for the narcotics I guess…:-p My treatment did come with some interesting “highs” and lows. But the point is, no one really sees what their worth is until they’ve lost themselves completely.

And there I was, as good as a dead plankton on the ocean floor.

There is nothing like falling in love with ourselves over and over again because honestly, that was the only way I was going to be happy again. It took a lot of energy, patience and conscious effort to pick up the pieces again.

I feel like “self-love” has become such a buzzword in recent times. It’s been promoted by many people and celebrated by mainstream media so much. But honestly, it’s one of the most oversimplified concepts ever. Always easier said than done. Loving ourselves and embracing all that we are is an everyday process that takes a great deal of awareness from within and without.